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3 Things I Hate About Adult Webcams

Here are 3 Shady Things I truly DESPISE when it comes to using Adult webcam sites

Having watched live porn for so many years, I think I am qualified enough to talk about the things that most adult cam sites do to piss me off. ‘Piss me off, again, is an understatement. Trust me, when I say, I have checked almost 95% of live adult webcams and to my dismay, most of them are absolute trash.

Here, I am listing down the reasons they belong to my bad books, and just because I care, I will also tell you my personal favorite adult cam sites that helped me get over this trauma.

shady things about adult cam sites
I will point out some of the more shady things about adult cam sites below. These are the things I steer clear of when I want to jack off to cam girls.

1. Adult cam sites that bamboozle you with the hidden costs  

So, they start with advertising heavily that they are ‘free adult cam sites’, you are delighted, you click on the attractive pop-up ad leading you to the main site, and ta-da you are greeted by a sign-up page that asks you to PAY. Frustrating.

Look I get that there are no free lunches, but what is it with leading people on with false advertising? And, it doesn’t stop there. You have membership costs, then ‘premium access’, then blah blah.

I mean why can’t you have one straight fee up and give me access to all your content? This reminds me of some other low-quality adult cam sites I talked about

But on the positive side, we have good adult webcam sites that talk no bullshit, charge you a fee, and give you access to their best live sex. Perfect! We also offer some tips on saving money with cheap sex cams options as well.

2. Adult webcams sites and a small database  

Yet another scam: Picture this – you sign up to a reasonably good-looking (well-advertised) live sex cam site, cough up a sizeable amount of a membership fee, and you are greeted with what? Empty chat-rooms? Plain-looking models? or simply an unprofessional approach to client requests. Such a bummer, I tell you!

best live sex sites for 2022
We talk about the worst and best live sex sites for 2022 and tell you the real reason why they offer users a lot more value for their money!

When it comes to an extraordinary database of absolutely gorgeous yet professional cam girls no one can beat this site – read our Streamate reviews to learn what I mean. You will find models of every ethnicity catering to every possible fetish (on will, of course!), making it so so much better than other ‘popular’ adult cam sites.

3. Shady cheap sex cam sites  

I will confess, I have been tempted (and I have acted) more than once to sign up for free sex cams sites. And, regretfully so. I have been redirected to web pages, battled annoying ads, got malware on my computer, and whatnot. I have learnt it the hard way, but now I know all that glitters is not gold.

live sex cam model
Live sex cam models from genuine sites are so erotic to watch and chat with.

I would rather rely on reliable websites like –, & that go the extra mile to keep my information on their websites safe.

We are always looking to learn more about cam sites so we can share more with our readers. Make sure to read about the best live sex sites for 2022.

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