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Live Sex Price Guide: How Much Adult Cams Cost By Site

Curious about what the real costs are at all the top live sex cams? There is no normal price of cam sex because cam girls set their own rates (as well as the guys too). However, there are some general guidelines to be aware of as far as the cost of adult webcams. We will talk about the lowest average price per minute sex cam sites and give you all the real costs by cam site. This is the total and complete guide to the costs to use sex cam sites.

Webcam Sex Prices By Site

First off there are 3 different types of adult cams.

  1. Token cam sites like Chaturbate
  2. Credits cam sites LiveJasmin
  3. Flat dollar per minute cam sites like Streamate

These 3 different types of live sex chat sites all share one thing. They offer guys and girls on webcam where you can for a fee talk to the webcam models and show them your own cam while watching theirs. There are tons of differences between these live sex webcam sites that you will want to read about in our adult cam reviews section. However, here we’re just talking about webcam sex prices by the site. Due to the fact we are an American-centered website, we will use U.S. dollars to break down all the prices for live sex cams.

live porn prices
As you can see here live porn prices are often cheap; in this case less than 2 dollars per minute

Live Porn Prices Vary

As I touched on briefly at the outset cam models are independent contractors and to avoid having to collect taxes webcam chat sites allow the performers last say on what they charge. If there was a rule of thumb as far as going rates for live sex cams it would hover between $2 – $4. There are lots of peaks and dips though much of which will be evidenced in both a cam model’s experience and just personal decisions on what is a fair cost for their services.

What we can tell you as far as a hard and fast rule is that the prices for credits and tokens are set by the site and so how the cam models determine the costs for live sex they will charge is based on course around the currency native to each of the webcam sex sites.  So now that we have covered the fact that live porn prices vary let’s talk about the real costs for adult webcam shows by each site.

  • Streamate cost is rounded to the nearest second and in dollars and sense.
    Streamate Prices
    Streamate Prices

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Perhaps the most transparent of all cam sex sites, just puts the prices in US currency per minute; no hassles to sort the value of any silly fake cam site currencies.

  • Imlive has perhaps the cheapest sex cams and they use credits.
    Imlive Prices
    Imlive Prices

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Why I really respect ImLive is the prices for shows are based on credits which are always just 1 dollar. This makes it very clear to quickly assess the real prices for shows. Simply multiply the minutes in private chat by 1 dollar and you have the total price for that session. Great values at

  • costs are based on tokens as follows. The cost to use stripchat is one of the leading reasons it has become popular as of late.
    Stripchat Prices
    Stripchat Prices

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  • $9.99 for 90 tokens 
  • $19.99 for 200 tokens
  • $49.99 for 520 tokens
  • $99.99 for 1,000 tokens
  • $199.99 for 2,200 tokens
  • prices are also calculated using their native tokens Prices Prices

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  • $12 for 100 tokens
  • $20 for 195 tokens
  • $55 for 500 tokens
  • $99 for 1000 tokens

LiveJasmin prices are also pretty easy to calculate and the credits are priced like this. We love and the cost is fair but the quality is top-notch.

Livejasmin Prices
Livejasmin Prices

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  • $20 for 200 Credits
  • $50 for 550 Credits
  • $75 for 900 Credits 
  • $150 for 1,875 Credits
  • $300 for 3,775 Credits
  • $600 for 7,575 Credits
  • prices are probably what most people are curious about considering this site is so popular currently. Chaturbate prices are middle of the road.
    Chaturbate Prices
    Chaturbate Prices

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  • $9.99 for 100 tokens
  • $21 for 200 tokens
  • $50 for 50 tokens
  • $79.99 for 1000 tokens
  • A monthly Subscription is USELESS but costs 20 dollars a month. 

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  • Camsoda rates are pretty run-of-the-mill using tokens. The cost to buy the tokens at are:
    Camsoda Prices
    Camsoda Prices

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  • $5.99 for 50 tokens 
  • $10.99 for 100 tokens
  • $20.99 for 200 tokens
  • $49.99 for 550 tokens
  • $69.99 for 800 tokens
  • $99.99 for 1,465 tokens
  • $251.00 for 3,100 tokens
adult cams costs
Not all cam sites have these low adult cams costs.

Cam Sex Costs & Getting the Best Deals

As you can see by reading this guide to adult webcam prices it can get confusing fast and webcam sites are hoping you can’t keep track. :-). Make sure to save this list of sex cams costs by the site to compare and get the best deals for live sex cams. Just always remember a few tips to keep your adult cams costs down.

  1. Try searching for new cam models. The newest cam girls rates are typically lower because they have no fan base yet.
  2. Check to see if there is a filter on the cam site you using to search sex cam shows price. Few adult cam sites are offering this but we commend those who are.
  3. Track your history and set yourself limits daily on webcam sex shows to stay within your budget for adult entertainment.

Some might say the cheapest sex cams are the best live sex cams. I don’t think that is always the case. Sometimes I am willing to pay more for a better experience and so while the price is important keep your focus on the value you feel you are getting from the webcam site you choose.

Again the lowest average price per minute sex cam site is, but there are lots of others close in price. Let me close by saying that live porn prices are at historic lows. The internet has pushed the supply of women willing to provide sex entertainment via webcam to levels never seen before. The prices for adult webcam are now cheaper than phone sex during the peak in the early 1990s. Enjoy and safe camming!

Oh yeah…and remember to veer away from clone cam sites like camhub, cam4camcam4ultimate, cams4free, or livefreefun. We do not even bother sharing the costs of these since their clones of the main platforms above!

Meanwhile, you can check out Cherry TV as it is offering some of the decent webcam shows on the net.

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