Safest Cam Girl Chat Sites

4 Safest Cam Girl Chat Sites

Today we are talking about the most secure and safe places for men to go to talk to girls on live webcams. This is really no different than our list of the 10 best live sex cams, except we whittled it down to 4 of the top cam sites for adults and placed a bit more emphasis on just feeling totally secure.

You know what I mean by things like using HTTPS and other safe browsing measures that give off the feeling you just have nothing to worry about and you can really relax and have fun. That is what you can expect from these 4 webcam chat sites and why I chose to include them on this list of the 4 safest places to chat with cam girls.

Video Chat Sites
Video chat sites are the secret sexual outlet for millions of men around the world.

Best Adult Video Chat Sites

These days people refer to these types of sites as either adult video chat or even live sex cams.

Whatever you call them, it is fair to say many of us know more about this dirty little secret than we may initially lead.

However, for those who have not yet tried adult webcams chat sites, let’s delve deeper into the topic.

Together we should realize that only by discussing these types of services and by having users leave their own experiences can we gain a better collective insight into how adult video chat sites work and what sets each one apart.

Thus you too can click on the links to the full reviews of each of these cam girls chat sites and rank each yourself as you go along if you are in the majority and have already tried that site.

4 Top Webcam Girls Sites

User ratings below then are combined to share an average score on the full reviews page for each adult cam site. Over time the resource becomes more valuable to all. So let’s get started. First of all, I want to tell you that rather than include a whole bunch of low-quality and unpopular cam girls sites we are going to just focus on the 5 most visited video chat destinations.

Which XXX Live Cams Are The Best

top cam sites
Millions of people each day chat live on webcams for adult entertainment. The question is, ‘What are the top cam sites?”

We share our specific experiences at each of the adult video chat sites and one thing that sets us apart is visitors can rate each webcam site as well. This article is meant to focus on the safety and security aspects of adult sex webcam sites so those cam sites that have HTTPS protocol will only make the cut.

Moreover, these will be just the most visited and widely trusted adult webcams sites!

My experiences using Streamate

  1. Streamate has had a series of frustrating experiences lately while performing upgrades that have led to a large number of frustrated cam girls but the fact remains this is still the very best adult webcams site online. For those seeking to chat with girls on webcams (and guys too) in English sets the bar.
  2. The reason for that is they are an American company and focused on North America as well as the UK and other parts of western Europe.

Accordingly, more porn stars and amateur US-based adult performers choose Streamate due to the large traffic volume and the huge number of users.

This is also the only direct billing cam site. It is based in Seattle and run by a company called ICF. The company itself will have been around 20 years as of 2022 and it’s the only xxx webcam chat site on the planet where when you register you get a totally free membership and have a cost-free 2-way chat with the entire model’s database.

The site makes money solely off users who opt for private shows. In my experience using it is the most transparent in how they do business. You can read the full streamate review or click the image to visit this cam site.

webcam sex site
Streamate is a webcam sex site known for being popular in America.

My experiences using LiveJasmin

2. As of Jan 2022 LiveJasmin was relaunched with a flurry of new features including cam shows where tips control cam girl vibrators, the ability to browse shows while you keep a cam girl show open, a totally new mobile interface, and a whole lot more.

Likewise, the number of real-world beauty pageant-level women broadcasting on their bedroom webcams is much higher at LiveJasmin or LJ as many regular users refer to this cam site.

This cam site also is the only webcam site coded using HTML5 programming language and it’s fairly easy to see that it’s a step ahead of the others.

I prefer English-speaking cam girls so I tend to stick with, but I also have been a member of for 4 years total and in my experience is it an extremely safe place to chat with women on webcams about sex. That being said, you can read more about the costs for shows at LiveJasmin in our LiveJasmin reviews.


My experiences using Cams

3. was one of the first-ever adult cam sites and for a long time, they changed little. However, in the past 18 months, has started to focus on getting cam girls under contract as exclusive to their site and has also adopted a new token system whereby they used to be a PPM or pay-per-minute cam site using just dollars without a virtual currency.

I dislike the changes to how you pay for live sex webcam shows here but I still enjoy the platform as a whole.

This cam site is owned by FFN, Inc which is also a US-based company. They operate many dating sites as well as their flagship cam site. You can judge for yourself and click the picture below of to try it or read the full reviews to learn more first.
As we said above, we focus on just the most popular adult webcams sites and we think in order to be secure you should as well. These are video sex chat sites used by millions whereby the cam sites have so much to lose if they mishandle your personal information or erroneously bill you. In 12 years of using video chat sites for adults, I have never had this happen to me. However, I too have stuck with the largest and most frequently used places for cam girls chat as well.

My experiences using StripChat

4. Stripchat is the newest live sex webcam chat site and it’s owned and operated by HammyMedia out of Cyprus. This is the same company that owns xHamster, one of the worlds leading free porn tube sites. Let me start off by saying if you ever considered registering for xhamsterlive, strip chat is the true underlying platform and where one would want to actually register to use all the clone cam sites like xhamsterlive.

I dig the entire idea behind this webcam site and has done a great job with the execution.

StripChat is a freemium business model and since the cam site was programmed less than 2 short years ago it’s been wisely built for mobile sex chat. The cam sites’ business model is one that pays models rather generously and as a result, they have flourished since launch. Even with a white-label site named cheapsexcams, Stripchat has a massive fan base. My own experience using StripChat has been positive in most respects, but their still a world away from the top overall adult video chat in

If you are already a member of that site, StripChat is my second favorite live sex site. Read the full StripChat reviews to drill deeper by clicking the image to visit

So now that you have discovered the top live sex if you want to drill even deeper into sex cam costs check out our summary of live sex cams prices.

Also here is a list of some of the cam sites we had the worst experiences on. We suggest you avoid those webcam chat sites! There are more tips and suggestions as well as a great summary of our personal favorite adult webcams site at our sex cams guide too.

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