The Secrets to Saving Money on Adult Webcams!

So if your like most guys you are wondering where are the lowest priced adult webcams? Am I right? Well consider we do loads of research on what people search for my hunch is that I am spot on. However, let me answer the question you really should be asking. That is…

How do I save money on adult webcams?

Three little words for those that already know about this hidden secret really sums it all up. Those words are, ‘Streamate Gold Shows’.

Steamate gold shows work like this: A model sets a countdown clock for how long she will give herself to make her show goal. Her show goal is the amount of money she feels justifies her time and effort for doing the live nude show. She also gets to dictate the buy in price. This buy in price is the price that all men will have to pay who want to participate or rather gain access to see the show. By participating this merely means they can watch and comment and most of the time leave requests.

Most models will watch the screen for requests and do their best to oblige. Clearly they are often in the act of doing other things that as you can imagine do require focus so higher tips often get more attention. Truth be told most men just watch and handle their business.

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Anyway, the gold shows are marked on Streamate with the symbol in the video sample below and the image below which you will see on the home page of the site.

When you visit the site you will see maybe 5 or 6 webcam models attempting to start a ‘Gold Show’ at any given time and usually two or three going at once. Many women attempt to start one but do not meet their goal. In such a case you get a full refund.

Most countdown clocks are set for 10 minutes or sometimes 5 minutes. Most buy ins for gold shows are $3.00 to $5.00. That is the total cost to you for the whole show!  Comparing this cost to a 10 minute show at a per minute rate of $3.00 and you can see your spending $5.00 total versus $30.00 which equals a $25.00 savings! 

Which sites are the lowest priced adult webcam sites?

This is the irony here my friends, the answer to the above questions is also the same answer to this question as far as how to save money. Whether you are using these gold shows or not the average price per minute for 1-on-1 shows here is cheaper than anywhere else online.

TIP: Use the search tag, ‘cheap’ once you join or /’99 cents’ and you will always see a number of models live for very low prices.

The best value for your money when it comes to live webcam entertainment is clear!

While we have yet to publish over a years research into all the top adult webcam sites we are letting the cat out of the bag to as soon as we can in order to save you money right away. The bottom line is this. Out of 35 adult webcam sites we tried, 20 of those sites met the initial quality check list as far as sites to actually test and showed real promise. 15 of those sites had unclear billing policies, issues with the sites themselves, poor billing practices, or too few cam models. We were then left with best adult webcam sites; what we would call our top 5!

However, none of these top 5 sites offered a value to the degree this one does. No where else as a matter of fact is anything offered that focuses so much on helping the models make a fair living while at the same time really provides an outstanding value to the customer.

The verdict is in. It’s called Gold Shows and this is not only the lowest priced adult webcam site but also the best way to save money on adult webcams.

This is an example of a streamate gold shows that we found online.

streamate gold show free example images.

There are tens of thousands of models though with women from all over the world trying our adult webcams and making a little bit of money on the side the so you will see lots of new models each day. And yes many strippers and couples are now in on doing live shows as well in the gold show format at Streamate.

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