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Is Streamate a trustworthy site?

You can absolutely and unequivocally trust the streamate adult webcams site. The reason why is simple. This 

WHY YOU DO I MAKE THAT CLAIM? Let me explain and talk fact now in clear detail. Streamate is a post-pay designed live adult webcam site.  What that means for you is that you don’t have to fork out any money ever and you get a free lifetime membership just for being part of the community. If you do opt for private shows they are billed to you as you use them. Once you see how the site works compared to the vast swatch of sites that make you prepay for tokens you will very quickly appreciate the way this site operates.

First off, let me point out something important. Streamate is the parent platform or the main actual brand and company behind over 8,000 different live adult webcams sites. Other people have set up brands or better said just domain names and then the streamate platform gives webmasters what is essentially a clone to their site. Everything is operated by Streamate for all those sites except the marketing functions. This is important for you because it is added peace of mind that just a very widely trusted and reputable company administers all the billing functions. Having used this platform for over 3 years now I can speak intimately about the deep functionality of Let me though focus first on what most people who are considering joining streamate want to know.

First off, while you can watch shows and fully interact with all the live adult webcam models once you see how inexpensive the private shows are the temptation is for most just to great to avoid. It is after all fairly amazing that you can choose from thousands of models around the world and get a private show for less than $2.00 a minute. Anyway, back to the core points I want to make. rounds down to the nearest second and discloses fees for optional shows better than any other single live adult webcam site online, and they even have a secondary step which users have to click ‘ok’ on before they are charged for these optional 1-on-1 shows. There are again actually no fees at all for merely joining and once you are a member you can chat for free, all you like at no cost whatsoever. That is what lots of guys do, join and just watch the free shows and then pay nothing ever. This is also probably why over 100,000 men around the world are logged in to Streamate at every second of every single day.

How many models does the Streamate cams site have?

Streamate has more home webcam models than any other site in the U.S. as well as most of North American adult webcams sites. They also have more English-speaking adult webcam models than any site in the world. Expect to see and be able to browse from between 900-1,600 models at any given moment, depending of course on the day of the week. Friday and Saturday nights tend to be quite busy and typically, on average 4,000+ adult cam models are on at these times. As far as a total registered models there are more than 30,000 models registered that come and go on the Streamate adult webcams platform.

How much does Streamate cost?

If anyone ever gives you a firm price on what adult webcam models charge on streamate they are fibbing or not telling you the whole truth. The fact is each model sets their rates so to be precise we’ll discuss averages so as not to mislead you. The average model charges $2.99 per minute. That being said others charge 1.00 to $4.50. What is so ideal with this website is that the prices are boldly marked and you know exactly what each model is costing you versus other adult webcam sites that make you buy tokens. There are no currency games or silly token systems at and this is just another major element in why so many guys, gals, and couples use this site. As they say, ‘A dollar is a dollar is a dollar’.

Becoming a model on

As a general rule we focus on adult webcam reviews rather than get too deeply involved in the process of researching, writing, or talking about webcam modeling on streamate or any other site.  We do hear from performers though and hear the models perspectives and share what we can in this regard. However, there are other great blogs that perform that function where you can do even more research. That being said we are very keenly aware of the fact that since streamate is the top adult webcam site for models, at least as far as earning potential; that having some information on how you can start modeling on streamate is helpful to our readers. Therefore, here is a link to an agent who is a true professional and their studio can help you through the simple process to you get started. functions and site features

  • Gold Shows: Perhaps the single most used feature on streamate is the gold show. This is now becoming somewhat of a household name and meme. Talk with the average 20 something male who is active online and chances are he knows full well what a gold shows it. However, let me explain. Gold shows give models the chance to set a price for a fully nude masturbation show that multiple men can watch. This reduces the price that the men would typically pay for the show duration because that show is open to all the men that bought in. The cost is the same for everyone. It’s a very cost-effective way to watch private shows and stick to a budget. As a result gold shows are VERY POPULAR.
  • Favorites: Perhaps the coolest feature on streamate is one that is very simply and many other adult webcam sites offer as well. However, streamate does it a bit differently. When you favorite a model here you can easily click on your favorites and browse through the images all while at the same time see which of your favorites is online now.
  • Notifications: 
  • Rewards: A small percentage of your spend is given back to you and builds credit. This customer rewards system works a bit subway stamps used to work or a frequent buyer coffee card.  At first I was not a huge fan of this program but over time I have grown to appreciate the value it offers considering the savings on future shows are handled automatically by streamate and there is nothing I have to do on my end as a costumer. The credit build up and save you money off each show.
  • 24/7 Support: Virtually all adult webcam sites will offers support but Streamate takes customer support to a whole new level. First I should just say in 3 years I have only had to use support 1 time. The ticket response time was 20 minutes and I was refunded the full cost of a show because the performers webcam froze. That was the second month I was using this platform and it was then that I realized I had found a very professionally managed adult webcams site.
  • Sort By Feature: Across the site just under the main navigations tabs you will see boxes with drop down menus. These drop down search buttons enable you do custom search much deeper than on most other adult webcams sites. You can search by multiple search parameters all as part of one model search. You can input languages, continents, and type of shows. This functionality is great and the load times for the results is stellar as well.
  • Streamate Features Reviews Wrap-up: There are all told more than 60 features to the site and so I have decided to focus on the most important ones. You will find other unique aspects to this cam site though as well that set it apart from others. Clean design and interface, while it is not a feature; makes all the features work for you

Screenshot of

What its like to use Streamate live sex cam site.

Sites like

The owners of Streamate were so succesful with the platform that they decided to offer a copy of their site to any webmaster looking to enter the industry. They were so successful in turn at that, that today over 10,000 copies of their live sex cam sites are online under all different brands and urls. The format of the site is easy to recognize once you look closely at how the screenshot above shows the site functions.

Here is another example of a copy site called The site is no different than or

Traffic details about Streamate

Alexa ranks streamate at 32,423 globally which means essentially Streamate is in the upper end of high traffic sites. Clearly with this kind of traffic and as many people using this site long-term you have nothing to worry about in giving it a try yourself.

Our Conclusion about Streamate cams / Our Reviews Conclusion:

A 100% trustworthy site from the word go. You will note have any issues on this live adult webcams site except for the occasional lazy cam model; which is going to happen anywhere in the world of live cams. You may though find it challenging to pick just one cam girl and problem is something that cannot be said for many other sites that do not have any near as many hot models. All things considered, FlyingCroc, the parent company of is widely known to offer the top live cam sites for adults anywhere online! Period.

You can visit Streamate here

(Note that Streamate is the Editors Choice Top Live Adult Webcam Site as featured across our site)

Our cam site guide helps save you time. Review


LiveJasmin Review is one of the most popular adult website in the present day. It has hundreds of thousands members and has millions of visitors each month. The website is well structured with membership option. LiveJasmin also offers a chat option which is a rare practice with today’s adult websites. When the web site started off most of the websites that do adult site reviews rated it very poor. The poor rating has been caused because of the low quality videos. But this poor rating didn’t discourage LiveJasmin administrators. It encouraged them to work hardly on improving the video content, website options for members plus implementing the chatting module. Registration process is also very easy to do. You need to choose a screen name and enter your email address. Most of the similar websites ask for email confirmation with credit card confirmation what I believe is a very bad practice. What I like the most here is the chat option. You can chat with girls who love doing sex. You may even get to meet a girl or you might even find your mate here. As a writer of adult cam site reviews, I have to consider all of the options any adult website offers. I have to write a review that will show the real picture of the adult website I review. Using free chat option is really appreciated but if you are serious in finding someone to be a partner with you on the web cam I suggest that you choose the paid chat option. There are credits to use if you want to take e girl on the web cam and in private.

Here are the credit packages offered by

Cost of Live Shows on

Sites Like LiveJasmin

Our Overall LiveJasmin Reviews

$29.99 / £31.99 gives 28.99 in show credits.

$69.99 / £73.99 gives 68.99 in show credits plus a bonus of 6.99 credits

$99.99 / £105.99 gives 98.99 in show credits plus of bonus of 8.99 credits

$159.99 / £169.99 gives 158.99 in show credits plus a bonus of 10.99 credits

I should mention that you can purchase credits only by the following payment types;

– Credit/Debit Cards

– Direct Debit Transactions

– Online via

– Telephone purchasing

– UKash

– Click2pay


Very interesting thing with purchasing credits is that there is no conversion between euros and US dollars. The same price is for Euro and dollar so you can purchase the credits cheaper if you buy using dollar. I also need to mention that private chat cost depends on who you want to see privately. It varies from $1.99 – $2.99 but can arise up to $68.99. After using as long as I have and having good experiences I have become a big fan. It’s simple and fun adult video chat! reviews reviews 

Our experience on is one of the biggest and most successful adult webcams sites in America and was one of the first to achieve substantial membership numbers. It’s a part of the largest network of online dating websites in the world and based in California. The company that operates is a network called Streamray.

Cost of Live Shows on

In general, you can expect to pay between $2.20 to $3.50 per minute for most cam sex shows at, but these are exceptions where models can charge more or less. Each cam girl sets her rate and the platform is

Sites Like

There are no live sex chat sites just like but StripChat as we outlined in our StripChat reviews is similar in some instances.

More about Features and Functions of does not overly jam pack their cam site with useless functions and this is in our opinion what has lead to their success over the years. They focus on making connections between customers and cam girls and making the cam site very simple. The white background and sparse features is a hallmark of and has been copied by other leading adult video chat sites over the years. Their is a zoom function and you can pan to different areas to get better views. They also offer the ability to have tips make cam girls toys vibrate. One unique aspect to is their huge library of emoticons and virtual girls.

s website. It launched at first in 1996 as a webcams site at first and then was redesigned in 2003 it was restructured again in 2016. today offers a clean layout and is a very simple and easy to use cam girls chat site. Girls are shown on the home page in thumbnails view. By clicking on a cam girls picture you are redirected to the host chat page if she is online or to the host profile if she is offline. Because it’s large website you can expect more than 600 girls to be available in any time. 

A cool way to search models is to choose girls by region like Europe, Russia, Asia, North America, South America etc. Most of the girls are very good looking and believe me you will find many hot girls to chat with here. Registering is very easy. You don’t need email or credit card confirmation. After you registering to the website you will be redirected on a page to add funds. You don’t need to do it but you will for sure especially after you find very good looking model willing to do everything for you on the web camera. doesn’t use credits, tokens or any other virtual currency. (UPDATED) They have now adopted tokens. When you reach a chat room you are encouraged to tip the host or go private with her. The minimal tip is $9.90 for 10 minutes or $3 per minute in private chat. Once the funds reach the host she is going in live show.

 The navigation of is very easy and in the usual order. As I mentioned it has powerful filters which you can use to reach your model of your dreams. You can filter by Couples, Milfs, Ages, Body type, Tall, Small, by Ethnicity, Hair colors etc.

 Summary of Our Experiences using

My final conclusion about is that the web site is very professionally designed, it’s fast and cam girls shows are a pleasure to view on mobile phones, and overall it is an exceptionally fun place to blow a few bucks for a good time with some of the top amateur cam girls.

Streamen Reviews by Adult Webcam Site Reviews

Streamen Reviews

Consumer safety information, actual costs, and site details are all featured in our reviews. Learn more about this adult webcams site here.  

Is Streamem a trustworthy gay live cams site?

Streamen is the gay brother of Streamate, a leading adult webcam site for straight men, women, and couples. It is a safe, secure, and widely used site. Registration is 100% free and with the lifetime membership you receive unlimited access to thousands of men on live webcams. The best part about this site besides the fact that you do not need to be paying member to chat with the men their is the fact that if you do decide to go for a premium show they do not use credits. More on that below… (It’s good!)

How many models does the Streamen cams site have?

Selection of gay cam will never ever be an issue as this is one of the largest gay live cam sites online. Specifically at any given time more than 1,500 men are live and the total amount of registered men is said to be more than 20,000 models and some 1.5 million members. So yes, it is fair to say that it’s a very widely used and widely trusted site. 

How much does Streamen cost?

As I alluded to above, the business model that Streamate (Straight), (Trans), and Streamen (Gay) uses is the best business model for consumers in the live webcams industry. Specifically they do not charge you advance and make you buy packages. Instead they have a system by which you are discreetly billed for the actual shows you optionally choose to buy on a per minute basis rounded to the nearest second. Having used every different types of credits system out there that is offered on live cam sites for adults I can tell you that this companies system is the most clear and simple to understand and fair. I like the fact you don’t have to translate fake money (credits) into real cold hard cash. They make it super easy to see what you are spending. Sure, you can stay in the free mode and not go 1-on-1 but the truth is most people do use the private chat options since they are not very expensive at all.

The models at Streamen get to choose what they charge so prices will vary. Expect to pay about 3 dollars a minute for the most popular guys here and about $2.00 for those that are not as busy. 

Streamen features

  • Peep in: Watch other men while they chat on their live webcam with others or cruise private free gay cams – no requirements to go premium or even buy credits. Yes, like all adult cam sites you simply have to verify identity and age with any major credit card. DO NOT WORRY YOU ARE NOT CHARGED A DIME. There is not even any pre-authorizations put against the card either. 
  • New men feature: This is quite popular. Since there are so many new gay cam models and straight men as well that perform here for gay men Streamen has a button as you can see below that easily navigates to these new men. Thousands of new models join each month from all over the world.
  • Bio Pages: The bios are a fun way to learn more about the fetishes and kinks of the various gay cam models are Streamen. Likewise most guys have added photos of themselves in street clothes as well. 
  • Payment forms accepted. You will need a major credit card to keep on file. Millions of people have there’s on file there so really again you have nothing to be worried about at this site. 
  • Camera Options: Besides a multitude of guys using HD Webcams you can also control the size of the viewing screen and the focus in on the show rather than having tons of messages and emoticons on the side text bar like so many lower class sites. 
  • There are dozens of other features on Streamen but these we felt were the most useful and important things to most users. 

Screenshot of

Our experiences using

Sites like

Gay live cams is a niche that is chalk full of scams and rip off. The common tactics gay sex cams use is saying they are free then making you verify with a card only to charge you a membership fee that was buried in the small print of the terms of service. While many other adult webcam sites do have men on their site, if you are looking for an ALL GAY adult webcam site; a site that is widely trusted and does not make you prepay for a credits package, than there really is no other site like streamen. It’s a great find it was bar none our favorite gay cams site. 

Traffic details about Streamen

Alexa stats for streamen show it’s on an uptick and has been for some time as far as daily visit ranking it 262, 900 worldwide while says the site gets over 55,000 men a day that use the site. FlyingCroc is the parent company that administers the site billing and they have been around for more than a decade based in Seattle, WA. 

Our Conclusion about Streamen cams

Perhaps the best and most trustworthy gay live cams site online! Period. This site is easy to use, is not out to deceive you about costs, and the constant stream of new models keeps the prices down and the selection up; couple that together and it’s a positive experience overall.


Visit the Streamen Gay Cams here…

The Secrets to Saving Money on Adult Webcams!

So if your like most guys you are wondering where are the lowest priced adult webcams? Am I right? Well consider we do loads of research on what people search for my hunch is that I am spot on. However, let me answer the question you really should be asking. That is…

How do I save money on adult webcams?

Three little words for those that already know about this hidden secret really sums it all up. Those words are, ‘Streamate Gold Shows’.

Steamate gold shows work like this: A model sets a countdown clock for how long she will give herself to make her show goal. Her show goal is the amount of money she feels justifies her time and effort for doing the live nude show. She also gets to dictate the buy in price. This buy in price is the price that all men will have to pay who want to participate or rather gain access to see the show. By participating this merely means they can watch and comment and most of the time leave requests.

Most models will watch the screen for requests and do their best to oblige. Clearly they are often in the act of doing other things that as you can imagine do require focus so higher tips often get more attention. Truth be told most men just watch and handle their business.

cheap live sex
A guide to cheap live sex webcam sites.

Anyway, the gold shows are marked on Streamate with the symbol in the video sample below and the image below which you will see on the home page of the site.

When you visit the site you will see maybe 5 or 6 webcam models attempting to start a ‘Gold Show’ at any given time and usually two or three going at once. Many women attempt to start one but do not meet their goal. In such a case you get a full refund.

Most countdown clocks are set for 10 minutes or sometimes 5 minutes. Most buy ins for gold shows are $3.00 to $5.00. That is the total cost to you for the whole show!  Comparing this cost to a 10 minute show at a per minute rate of $3.00 and you can see your spending $5.00 total versus $30.00 which equals a $25.00 savings! 

Which sites are the lowest priced adult webcam sites?

This is the irony here my friends, the answer to the above questions is also the same answer to this question as far as how to save money. Whether you are using these gold shows or not the average price per minute for 1-on-1 shows here is cheaper than anywhere else online.

TIP: Use the search tag, ‘cheap’ once you join or /’99 cents’ and you will always see a number of models live for very low prices.

The best value for your money when it comes to live webcam entertainment is clear!

While we have yet to publish over a years research into all the top adult webcam sites we are letting the cat out of the bag to as soon as we can in order to save you money right away. The bottom line is this. Out of 35 adult webcam sites we tried, 20 of those sites met the initial quality check list as far as sites to actually test and showed real promise. 15 of those sites had unclear billing policies, issues with the sites themselves, poor billing practices, or too few cam models. We were then left with best adult webcam sites; what we would call our top 5!

However, none of these top 5 sites offered a value to the degree this one does. No where else as a matter of fact is anything offered that focuses so much on helping the models make a fair living while at the same time really provides an outstanding value to the customer.

The verdict is in. It’s called Gold Shows and this is not only the lowest priced adult webcam site but also the best way to save money on adult webcams.

This is an example of a streamate gold shows that we found online.

streamate gold show free example images.

There are tens of thousands of models though with women from all over the world trying our adult webcams and making a little bit of money on the side the so you will see lots of new models each day. And yes many strippers and couples are now in on doing live shows as well in the gold show format at Streamate.

 Register Free to Try out Streamate Gold Shows here.

Tsmate Review by Adult Webcam Site Reviews

TSMate Reviews

Consumer safety information, actual costs, and site details are all featured in our reviews. Learn more about this adult webcams site here.  

Is TSMate a trustworthy site?

 YES. Full stop. Period. is actually brought to you by the creators of (review at that link) which is our top pick for the best overall adult webcam site of 2014! That site too has shemale or transsexual webcam performers as well. However, what sets streamates sister site TSMate apart is that it’s all transsexual webcam models. That means that for those of you who do not want to see women you can have a screen full of just shemale webcam models. Do realize though the same company is at the helm of the site and they are considered by most to be the most trusted adult webcam site online. 

WHY YOU ASK? The bottom line is that they round down to the nearest second and disclose fees very clearly. There are actually no fees at all for merely joining and once you are a member you can chat for free all you like at no cost. What makes this model work is the fact that so many men buy shows by going 1-on-1. That means that since TSMate knows a large majority of members will buy option shows they stand to benefit the most by allowing everyone free access to shows; with optional 1-on-1 shows.

How many models does the TSMate cams site have?

At last count TSMate was one of the single largest shemale webcam sites online with over 4,000 transsexual webcam models. In our transsexual webcam reviews this is the leading site we recommend to people because they never charge for anything but the optional shows.

How much does cost? models determine the prices for their shows and so there is honestly no way to give an exact price. However, the rule of averages applies to our experiences on TSMate has resulted in an average per minute spend of around $2.50. Some models are just $1.50 per minute while others will charge upwards of $3.50. This just depends on the model. Also consider trying the gold shows to save some money. This gives you a block of time for typically $3.00 to $5.00 total. Many people can watch the same gold show so it saves you money and lets the models make more for their shows. features

  •  Ability to save favorite shemale cam models for easy access to show at a later date
  • You can easily choose the show size by using the buttons below the webcam viewing area. This makes for a better viewing experience.
  • You can broadcast yourself or opt to just watch and type chat.
  • You can let people watch your shows or peep in on other shows. (To avoid the ability of others to see what you are typing to the models simply go with the private or exclusive shows)
  • You can send shemale webcam models direct messages
  • You can easily locate new shemale webcam models as they feature a button called new models on the main navigation panel.
  • There are easy to use categories including Asian, BDSM, Big Cock, Big Tits, Black, F2M, Huge Tits, Ladyboy, Latino, M2F, Mature, Medium Tits, transsexual, Small Tits, Teen, and Uncut! (Clearly a wide selection with good categorization to be able to easily find what you want)

Screenshots of

homepage of

TSMate Webcam Screen Look and Feel

Sites like TSMate

There really are no other sites like which is what makes it such a standout in this niche. Sure, their are copies which are called whitelabels; thousands of them actually but these are merely webmasters trying to make a buck off you and taking a split of the income from the models. We suggest you go direct to which keeps costs down for everyone using live sex cam sites.

Traffic details about TSMate

Alexa has ranked at 870781 and the site has a page rank of 5 showing a lot of authority. The site is hosted in Seattle, Washington where are billing takes place as well. The company behind the site FlyingCroc, a pioneer in the adult webcam space.

Our Conclusion about TSMate cams

The bottom line on is, TSMate is the best place to watch shemale webcams hands down. If you’re looking for selection, value, and peace of mind as far as billing goes; the go to site for shemale webcams is

Visit the TSMate here…